Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

At Old Warren House we have a shared vision understanding about our ever increasing role in supporting our young people’s mental health. We are in a unique position to build supportive relationships with our pupils and provide an environment where they can feel safe within a culture where discussing mental health is the norm. As suggested by the DfE, we are embedding a whole school approach and have designated a Mental Health Lead to take the role of helping:

  • promote mental and emotional well-being,
  • raise awareness of staff to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health needs,
  • work with staff to identify pupils’ specific mental health needs using evidenced based measurement tools,
  • provide mental health support for pupils with particular needs and
  • refer to and/or deliver specialist therapeutic provision.

Alongside changes to Relationships and Sex Education, the government announced the introduction to statutory health education which will come into force in September 2020. In light of the changes OWH will endeavour to work with families, social care and health services to provide the best education for our pupils.

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